Blackjack: Double Exposure

There is a new craze that casinos as well as a reputable online casino presents to all professional along with the amateur gamblers, the Double Exposure, a variation for the game of blackjack. This is basically where the cards of the dealer will be exposed or dealt face up giving the players a chance to collect information to be used as a basis for the decisions they will make.

This variation simply gives every player a more advantage over the house, but the casino management ensures that they will still gain profits by adding new set of rules creating a better edge for the casino, or even a more higher advantage than any blackjack types. This game allows players to split their pair like in a regular game of blackjack, you can also double down on 11, 10 and 9.

Here are the modified rules made by the casino. The dealer will win all ties but not the Blackjacks. Natural blackjack pays 1:1, however after the cards are divided blackjacks is not paid. Simply means that once the Ace cards are divided a player will only receive one card although the Ace can be re-split. A player is allowed to split not exceeding once while the dealer should hit or stand on 17. More over a player is prohibited from following a hit after a double. Also for the double exposure blackjack variation a player cannot surrender, you need to finish the match no matter what happens as long as either you win or lose.

Although rules are a bit disappointing there are still some advantages that a player can grab. First is when you are faced against the 1 dealers combination card that is disperse on the playing table. This game order is allocated with number 1. In this circumstance a player will place his rate in front of the score-board or box with number 1.

Next option is when you are playing against the 2 cards combination of the dealer. This means that the number of spots in a player's card combination is examine in contrast with a quantity for both the first and the second card combinations of a dealer. In this condition a player will present his rate in an indicator board with number 2. In case the player wins, the rate is paid 1:2. But if a player has the number of spots that is equal to the amount of spots in one of the two dealer's card combinations, then the ratio is 1:1. if a player has the "Black Jack" combination he is paid according to the rate of score-board #2 in a ratio of 1:2;

As for a double exposure game offered at an online casino, this rules may be a little bit different from a land based casino. You may also be a little confused because this variation may have a different name on the online based casinos like Dealer Disclosure or Face up 21.