A New Mobile Gambling Security Verification Solution Service, Developed by Swedish Company ZignSec.

The ZignSec is a brand within the PayGround AB Group, based in Stockholm, Sweden, who in turn are subsidiary of Svea Ekonomi, a leading financial corporation IN Sweden and they are security solutions is the name to the game and this latest release could revolutionize the mobile gaming world with its simplicity in according to casino gambling news.

A service locks on at the source of the gamer, using virtual Port Channel (VPC) technology and then follows it up with SMS for log-ins, customer registrations and payments made by the user as soon as a mobile number is registered with an online casino, sports betting site or poker room, the service sends an SMS with a pin code to the user in pin code is absolutely necessary to authorize anything on the online game site, from logging in, to payments, identity checks or even to play.

The Companies that choose to purchase the service will also be able to prevent spam registration and have to access to accounts protection and security for online payments to several more of ZignSec solutions that are included in the package in the move should provide additional security to sites with online blackjack, bingo and casinos as their primary content.